Stephen Dinsmore

Stephen Dinsmore’s paintings can be found in public and private collections both nationally and internationally.
Dinsmore, a Nebraska-born artist, presents paintings that testify to the vitality of representational art as a means of communicating visual poetry. His paintings may border on the abstract being a synthesis from several sources; in other instances they may convey a more specific sense of place and time.

Dinsmore states: “For me painting means being always on the lookout for an image/idea that excites.

Sounds straightforward but it’s nothing like a straight line. So many things count: the creamy light of late afternoon on landscape; the abstract beauty of marks on the side of a train car; new snow that reshapes all it touches; an interior filled with color and reverie; the riveting beauty of a vase of flowers; a fly fisherman in shadow; a disregarded corner of town; a found image…

I try to make a painting that has in it at least something of the magic and mystery of the thing; the alchemy; the thing that excites.”