Please understand that the gallery’s immediate priority must be serving our customers – those visiting the gallery in person and those who we communicate with long distance. Working with customers on a daily basis, along with all the many other tasks involved in running a gallery, means we unfortunately don’t have the time to review artist portfolios on a walk-in basis. Please do not walk in the gallery unannounced, expecting your work to be reviewed in person.

Because the gallery receives hundreds of portfolios throughout the year, it is important that artists carefully follow our procedures with regard to submission of materials for gallery review. The gallery reviews portfolios only periodically. Accordingly, we ask to see only reproduction materials first. Should we have further interest, we might later ask to see original artwork.

Submission Procedures:

First, we ask that you familiarize yourself with the gallery. If you are in Denver, you should visit the gallery and note the type of work that we carry. If not local, then please refer the list of artists represented on our website. If, after reviewing the gallery and its work, you feel your work is appropriate for review, then you may submit portfolio materials according to the following procedures.

Please submit the following materials in the formats noted:

A representative sampling of your current body of work. We prefer to receive digital printouts, printed cards and invitations, or other easily reviewed formats. If you prefer, you may submit CDs, email a link to your website or include these materials in an email. Mailed materials will only be returned if you have provided a self-addressed stamped envelope.)

Please also include:

  • A current resume listing your contact information, education, exhibition history, collections, and awards.
  • An artist statement.
  • Any other supporting materials (reviews, articles, etc.).
  • A self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of your materials. (If you do not provide an SASE, your materials will not be returned to you.)

We ask that you please not contact the gallery regarding the status of your portfolio review.

Portfolios are reviewed only periodically, so it may be many months before the gallery reviews your materials. If, after evaluating your materials, we have an interest, we will be in touch with you to discuss next steps.

Unfortunately, we do not have the time to visit local studios to view work. Instead, we ask that all artists follow these procedures. Should we have interest in seeing more work, we would later make arrangements for a studio visit.

Due to the increasing number of artists’ submissions to the gallery,
we regret that we are unable to return those that are unsolicited.