Katherine Winter

Katherine Winter is originally from Clarkston, MI and currently resides in Denver, CO. She studied studio art and art history at Wayne State University in Detroit and at the University of Utah before transferring to the Art Institute of Colorado where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Photography. Katherine has worked as a photographer and artist for over five years and her images have been published and exhibited nationally. As an artist her work examines the differences between what the eye and the camera see by exploiting the unique capabilities the camera processes as a tool for recording light.

Ersatz Luminosity
This series is a documentary of the rapidly changing spaces that have been left at the edge
of the city as the suburbs have moved outward. Structures that have worn over the years
now left blanketed every night in a glow of artificial light. Framed wood paneling and
brightly painted bricks are nocturnally awakened by the frantic buzz of tungsten,
fluorescents and neon. The images capture these spaces before they are changed by the
city’s expansion and stripped of their age and identity while exploring the shapes of color
created by the mixture of architecture and light.