Sharon Meriash

“Lines in Nature” is Sharon Meriash’s newest venture in taking photography to the digital edge. For several years she was a documentation photographer for the Denver Botanic Gardens and her last project at the gardens involved documenting over 3000 orchid specimens in the gardens’ collection. Meriash is known for her larger than life macro botanical photography which has been shown over the last 20 years at numerous galleries and cultural venues including, Lakewood Cultural Center, The Dairy Center for the Arts, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, The Kennedy Center and Union Station, Washington, D.C.

Recently she has been working with an Epilog Laser to develop a new twist in her work involving laser etchings rendered from her original botanical photographs. A unique computer design file is manually created from each photograph which in turn is etched by laser on plexiglass with each of the flower’s parts cut into separate pieces. The etching process creates beautifully detailed imagery following the organic lines from each botanic image. Then the individual pieces are “stacked” to create free-form 3D wall hangings. Her newest laser work is influenced by the late Pop artist Tom Wesselmann and painter/sculptor Moshen Vaziri Moghada, who was hailed as the best Iranian artist of the century in 2004.

Meriash shares, “I am always looking to present my photography in alternative methods. Utilizing the laser is an amazing process that allows me to isolate the unique shapes and designs of plants. It’s a very exciting direction for my work and for photography.”