Mark Lunning

For over 25 years, Open Press Ltd. owner and master printmaker Mark Lunning has been making his prints and assisting hundreds of artist printmakers from across the country.

“My most recent works are etchings with chine collé that create an integration of science, nature, and plastic aesthetics. My work offers an understanding of things in nature and science that don’t have a visual explanation. Through these pieces, I seek to represent how nature and entropy interact within an urban environment– the unseen phenomenon of growth and decay intermingling with each other. The use of lines, circles, and textures provide movement and rhythm within each piece and between pieces, which is my visual interpretation of energy changing from one form to another. My inspiration and influences range from my immediate urban environments and nature, to a blending of most of the 20th century art movements– modernism, constructivism, cubism, expressionism and others. I call this 20th century synthesism.”