Lui Ferreyra

Over the past decade, Lui Ferreyra has developed a technique which implements geometric fragments that coalesce into complex color-fields. In their totality, these color-fields call attention to the intimate relationship between language and seeing. Through the classical tradition of oil on canvas, his canvases disclose a piercing investigation of subject-matter in an aesthetic that is evocative of today’s digital-age.

Lui Ferreyra Appropriation 44 x 69 WEB
Ferreyra Perspective 30 x 68 TN
Ferreyra Eternal Recurrence 40 x 60 WEB
eternal recurrence drawing WEB
Ferreyra Sum ergo Sum WEB
Ferreyra Sum ergo Sum intaglio WEB
Sum ergo Sum drawing WEB
Ferreyra projection WEB
Ferreyra Intersection 56 x 70 WEB
Ferreyra Intersection 3 WEB
Ferreyra Intersection 4 WEB
Ferreyra Intersection 2 WEB
Ferreyra Idioma 7 WEB
Ferreyra Superimposition 7 40 x 40 WEB
Ferreyra Superimposition 6 WEB