Lori Buntin

Lori Buntin grew up in a small farm town just north of Kansas City, MO. Interested in making images from an early age, she pursued her art at Missouri Western State College receiving a B.A. in painting and ceramics. Following that she moved to Wichita, KS to study painting at WSU where she received her M.F.A. Upon graduation from WSU, Buntin joined the adjunct faculty there for a few years before deciding to move back to Kansas City where she now lives and works.

Photography has long been a tool for Buntin and now plays a very important role in providing the structure and light references for the “fracture” pieces. Her current method of composing allows for the shift of space, light, perspective and scale as they appear when an observed space is reconstructed with consecutive photographs taken from the same spot at the same time. In the finished work, the picture plane seems to be in constant motion; space and light shifting as the viewer’s eye moves through the composition.