Lloyd Brown

I was born in Canada and grew up primarily in Utah and Nevada. I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a BA in Painting in 1983. After college, I moved to Dallas, Texas. The mountains were so far away, I was forced to see other things. My focus became local and time and place came to mean everything. I came to believe that the randomness of gravel had a kind of intelligence that exceeded that of the observer, that the world was already composed, so there was no need for me to be the captain of my surroundings. I could simply be rust, or the rustle of brittle leaves. I could be a hillside of grazing cattle. I could be industrial steam belching out disbelief in a gray colored sky. I could be the moment of encounter. I could see the world as it really was. I could leave the restrictive thoughts of rectangular lines behind and begin to paint my surroundings. That had always been the point anyway. As a child, I would have never thought that design was indeed needed to justify a depiction of life.

I recently moved back to central Utah and live on my parents land at the foot of the mountains. From here, I plan to pursue the entirety of US Highway 50. Though it may take a lifetime, I like the idea of spanning the nation from the vantage point of a single highway. Although the highway can never be my home, the reverence for those moments will always be local.