Laura Truitt

M.F.A. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO – 2012

These paintings and drawings reference the interaction of architecture and landscape; physical
space and a merging of geometric and organic forms. They utilize the horizon line and linear
perspective to create an illusion of space. By using human sized scale I encourage the viewer to
exist physically in the space, and by keeping the imagery ambiguous the viewer is engaged in the
creation of the space. I see these works as thresholds; an unsteady viewpoint in the middle of a
representation and constructed metaphorical space.

These works operate with multiple thresholds. First of all there’s a metaphoric threshold,
a place that is specific to my local fluctuating landscape. Secondly, there’s an architectural
threshold between inside and outside, looking out and seeing in. Thirdly, my work explores
structures between their life and death; construction, decay and destruction. Finally, there’s an
enacted physical threshold that I think about while painting, trying to paint in-between
foreground and background, and creating structures just to destroy them so that they sit at a midpoint of completedness.