Katy Tartakoff

Katy Tartakoff is an internationally known photographer for social reform, specializing in black and white portraits of children and families. Her most recent book: CUP HALF FULL: LIFE IN THE FACE OF BREAST CANCER, was featured on all the major television stations in Denver in 2009. She is most recognized for a non-profit organization she founded in 1987 called The Children’s Legacy. For 15 years, The Children’s Legacy facilitated children and their families living with life-threatening illnesses in documenting healing into wellness or passing into death using photography, writing, drawing, and other art forms. She presented at medical conferences throughout the country as one of the only non-medical professionals. She is well-regarded for her insights regarding healing into wellness and healing into death. In addition, Katy is honored for her poignant images which speak more loudly than words.

For over 40 years, Katy has photographed families in Denver and throughout the country, creating family legacies which shall live on through time. She especially loves photographing generations and has had the honor of photographing 5 generations of women from one family. Katy takes pride in making fine art photography which captures the essence of the human spirit while working in a warm, inviting atmosphere in her studio.