Esteban Blanco

Cuban born and Miami based artist Esteban Blanco studied art at the Brooklyn Museum School and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. For the past several years Blanco has perfected his craft through two bodies work, Playing with Dolls and Violent Toys. Centered on the familiar “Barbie Doll”, this series explores some of the themes of exploitation and victimization, with which the conventional feminist analysis has framed its critique of the ubiquitous toy. But it also animates the received wisdom with impossible, over the top situations — which confer religious, social and political commentary, in order to change the narrative and add fresh perspectives to an otherwise commonplace subject.

The series “Violent Toys” is the second expression of the toy theme and its logical extension. But, without the limitations of the single-focus on the iconographic Barbie doll, it encompasses a wider range of social and esthetic issues. This series explores the act of roll-playing as both escapism and a way to order the world according to the boundaries of our childhood experience. As children, we may imagine ourselves powerful, wealthy or desirable beyond our reality and in the comfort zone-which our toys and imaginary world provide. This work examines the proposition that, to the extent to which our childhood desires and goals are ever truly settled in adulthood, we continue the fantasy in the form of daydreams, or by object-worship.

Blanco’s work can also be seen locally in the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.