Chris Cassimatis

Chris Cassimatis received a Bachelor of Science degree in Art from the University of Oregon. His interest in stone sculpture solidified during an intensive summer course offered by the University. After graduating, Chris further honed his skills by attending symposiums in the Pacific Northwest, and working at an architectural stone-carving studio in Texas. His current practice is most influenced by sculpture from the mid-twentieth century. Chris lives in Salt Lake City where he works full-time as a sculptor. His work is in both private and university collections.

“If art was ever contained, it has long since destroyed its boundaries. I am not interested in further expanding its definition. I choose to work with traditional materials as a means of maintaining a lineage within sculpture. The familiarity of stone, steel, and wood is an essential part of my work. My explorations of form and mechanics resonate from ideas that have been passed down through the long history of sculpture.”